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   The cutting and grinding blade Floor Polishers machineFloor Polishing Disc

The cutting and grinding blade

     Diamond blades are high quality, durable, and last for long. There is variety of sizes to choose from in order to use to fit the job requirement. Suitable for cutting natural stone including granite, marble, synthetic stone. As well as cutting tiles, plaster, concrete, wood, metal and others.

     Grinding steel blade, grinding stainless steel blade, cement-grinding blade, grinding glass blade are all made of top quality sand. It offers high purity; especially sharp works and as well as adhesive resins that provide toughness and durability built with grinding. Not easily cracked or broken and are better than than steel.

Floor Polishers machine

     With the technology that has been patented to Klindex, we will make natural stone floor including granite, marble, synthetic stone floor, floor tiles, even parquet flooring and natural wood flooring look new instantly by being polished with "The way of nature and mechanical" style. The process is done without lead that is a health hazard and is a illegal component.


     Because of Klindex machines Diamond Disc are able to speed up to eight times than normal machines compared to traditional systems. This makes the output and the gloss of the floor better. It also helps maintain the natural lustre of granite, marble flooring and various floors, providing durable floor more than traditional methods.

Floor Polishing Disc

     Polishing marble and granite disc, diamond polishing disc, resin polishing disc; both dry and wet sanding; all remove old rock’s surface to shine like new rock. Which offers high quality and durable products that last for a long time. There are a variety of styles and sizes to choose from to be used to fit the job requirement. This will give a better result of a shiny floor, it will also help maintain the lustre of marble and granite floors and floor and durability.