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Installation of granite

Granite is considered the rock the best of one type in your home decor because the granite rock scratch-resistant other features are not as stains, cracks or fire just make it a rock that are typically used in the home in now it is a very beautiful and help increase the beauty to the area around the use of granite rock will not cause the problem of Health as long as you clean it regularly for the disadvantages of granite, no it is not surprising that the owner of the house was most popular granite rock

Installation of marble.

Marble floors that (marble) attractive the flatness of a marble flooring, beautiful is popular in the intricate carving is well known in the use of marble decor. There are many people like to use these marble in the kitchen, such as the background on the front counter and the table or tables in the living room some time may also be used as a component of the wall of the house. The use of marble floors will increase the luxury and complexity to your home and add value to your home. There is no limit.

Install the Tiles.

The tiles there are several types of the type in the implementation of corporate governance, so if it is the weight should select the tile flooring only the types of tiles, porous low low water absorption, tile flooring must have a durable, easy-to-clean, tile wall buffet is lightweight traction walls. Select a pattern to suit the room, tile rough surface when the water will not slip to the area that need to be wet is always advisable to select the tile must pay attention and

Installation of the mosaic

The Mosaic stone mosaic) and mosaic more than glass mosaic) is tiled small piece of colors and gradient color and background color for installation in small areas to decorated to an exceptional or the area that you want to have a 3D, swimming pool, we can use the mosaic tiles decorated the different parts of the house. That will help you increase the charm of your home has a unique and create a relaxing atmosphere with a more vibrant, so we see the mosaic tiles are common in the wall in the bathroom and in the kitchen is as well.

Installation of the wood.

A folk (wood) wood on the market today the material used in the paving there are many types such as wooden floor. The solid-solid) is a real wood and the, wooden floor Engineer (engineered returned the real wood made from wood and cedar wood, wooden floor laminate (laminate returned the touch and d like natural wood and wooden parquet wooden pieces of a small, made from real wood. Each of which has a different features to decide to select use it should take into account the needs and functional our home to the Folk at the beautiful durability and longevity.

Car Services

The Company has a shipping to retail customers and the customer the project delivery system-in house. The Company has ten-wheel trucks, Truck 6 wheel and a pickup truck 4 wheel, the company can ship goods across both at home and all projects, the number of sufficient to the needs of your customers and the importance to prevent damage to the product in the process of product delivery to impress your customers most.

The scrub floor

The Company is ready to provide Support Services scrub floor natural stone floor are Granite marble floor, stone floor, synthetic tiled floor and wooden floor with a scrub floor klindex is the brush the area with modern technology that is effective in combination with the medication. Clean the floor klindex, clean and help keep the luster of the stone floor and tiled in durability and is also the eco-friendly company have a team that has the expertise and experience to provide the services to the customer.