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 Marble (Marble) originated from calcium carbonate (limestone) that is deposited in the sea or ocean before. The limestone are created from movement in the area, such as sea or ocean altering into a mountain, and land that used to be a mountain transform into ocean. As well as through geological processes, such as the magma flows out. When rocks that are accumulated in ocean came to contact with the magma that is filled with hot gas creates pressure and calcium carbonate (limestone) is melted, and then is crystallized marble up eventually. Marble has been used for carving since the ancient times. In addition to arts, it is also used for in construction.





     Granite Stone formations of the stone granite stone igneous rock occurs from the trees in the trees in the flesh of granite has its origins, but it must be inserted through the pressure rock. Insert the push of the granite. They occur at the depth below the surface of the world that is usually greater depth 1.5 kilometers and may be very deep and 50 km is located on the ground floor in the section of the continent the origin of granite, also has a dispute, which leads to the identification of a wide range of it is divided into regions of the world have both French and English of North America this confusion occurs because the form to identify the granite peaks are meaningful difference in general and then identify a "Alpha Blending the soup . . ." (alphabet soup) it is often used as a sort of it is located on the basis of the origin of the trees,