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Solid Floor

     Solid Floor is wood for lovers of the beauty and nature. Solid wood is produced with grade A wood suitable for use in the climate of Thailand. Coated with acrylic lacquer gives the wood a durable surface and is install with special system. Available in various colours, with two types of systems. Tongue and groove T & G flooring system for sticking together wood slabs in a tongue and groove system Click Lock system flooring system Click Lock by wooden discs through the production of advanced machinery.

Engineered Floor

     Engineered Floor is elegant wood flooring. Natural wood structure made of plywood and pine with standard EI that are resistant to moisture. Veneer wood panels combine the beauty of nature with beautiful designs from Europe and America. Coated with Aluminum Oxide Kemglaze Piano Finish with a shine for five layers, this makes it the natural shine, abrasion resistant than conventional parquet floor. Such style of coating is the same used with quality Piano from Europe.

Laminate Floor

     Laminate Floor gives both natural and dimensional look. It has Smooth style and Embossed style to meet all types of applications and requirements. Laminate flooring also have multiple designs to choose from. Laminate flooring is becoming very popular. Because the surface is strong, resistant to scratching and scraping. It is beautiful and easy to install because real wood in the present day are decreasing and it does not comply with the demand. Laminate is considered as an alternative to help create a balance.