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   Quartz MarbleCompress MarbleCrystal White

Quartz Marble

     Quartz Marble are 94% natural quartz mixed with the polyester resin and pigment produced by the Breton Technology. It is a material that meet the needs of customer offering beautiful design, safe for health, non-porous, does not absorb water, and is colorfully uniform. It is ideal for heavy duty applications such as floors, walls, countertops, food preparation counter or on the kitchen counter.

Compress Marble

     Compress Marble are produced by modern technology. By processing quality marble until the smaller desired size then mix it with polyester resins, specialty resins, which are to hold the marble together strongly and turns it into compress marble. Its quality is durable as natural stone. But there are more advantages in terms of the rate of water absorption and moisture content lower than normal marble. It will not smudge easily and the colours available are many more. Which are suitable for floors and walls inside the building.

Crystal White

     Crystal White is granite with artificial white. Solid as a rock, but not suitable for exterior applications. It looks beautiful, clean and suitable for a spa resort or in a Top-counter.