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Installation of the mosaic

How are tiled mosaic.

     How are tiled mosaic is quite complex because the mosaic tiles are usually small in size of the spool is laid out in less space to be laid out many of the area that you want to if the employment was laid it labor cost more than the tiles of a different type, but mosaic tiles. When the installation is complete, the beautiful is a very popular current use decorated walls bathroom and kitchen flooring mosaic tiles to make an adjustment on a level surface, smooth, and then apply the adhesive plaster to mix based on the ratio of the product and apply it to the tiled mosaic by keeping the mosaic tiles, horizontal and vertical alignment and adjusts to the level of the surface of the mosaic tiles, smooth, Sunken to or bump out

     to the tiled mosaic. The next step is to wait for the mosaic tiles that is attached to the adhesive plaster is completely dry before you start the medication along with the orientation for the mosaic tiles and loosen the medication over the the grout wipe any medication that spills on the surface of the tiles it. Let it dry in a completed only as this. The tiles that strange, we can switch the color mosaic tiles, like we have called the beautiful is a work of art to the area that is installed with a colorful and lively.


How to maintain and clean the mosaic.

     There are several ways depending on the home owner will select the most people who do not have the time, it will use the Sweep the floor with a broom that it can only clean the dust on the surface of the mosaic. If it is a stubborn stains will not out so the sweep the floor is how to clean the just superficial only suitable for those not have time to maintain the mosaic. But in reality the sweep the floor is not called a cleaning that is the way because the dirt and germs are also so the sweep the floor. It is often used to mop the floor to mop the floor is the sweep debris again and use the water Traps dust and push to pile. Some of the house, use water to clean it is easy to clean and it is suitable for home that is dirty. But for some of the houses that you want to clean the particular because it may children or like a clean it may be mop floors with a cleaning solution that will be able to eliminate germs are better than the natural water but the floor cleaner. Certain types after use. Rub the home to make the house a sticky walk and strange feeling it may choose to use the brand when dry after cleaning is not sticky residue did before you can use the cleaning fluid, please read the label on the side of the bottle to be the aspect ratio that the product set

     The walls are often not very dirty. What is the walls of the home may not have to maintain or clean much more section walls that need to be cleaned frequently is the bathroom and kitchen, bathroom is free of dirt on the wall from the water when the dry as stains, they really clean is not difficult but if it for a long time that is extremely difficult to clean the kitchen area is dirty wall behind the Gas Oven by most of the oil is extremely difficult to clean very much. Fix by the module, the low water absorption, so the oil is just the skin and Moses