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Installation of the wood.

 Installation techniques wooden floor (wood)

     Before you install the wood floors and 3 types of solid, laminate, engineered floor should check the surface condition that will be installed as a flat surface is level or not how to check in a simple is to find the wood that has a length of approximately 1 meters or more to lay down on the surface if area is not level, we will see the light escaped out if the level of light that had escaped out there are more than three or four mm should have to be adjusted on a level surface before adjusting the it may be used a DVD that the board or adjust with the cement to adjust the level of the depending on the surface condition if it is a laminated floor and engineered floor can be installed over the wooden floor parquet flooring original if the original parquet flooring is not damaged or install over the top of the tile, rubber tiles or marble. The case if the floor is not level and we do the installation down to the time walk on down to the wooden floor, it will give the bottom surface that is not smooth and may cause the sound when you check the surface that is level and then later we need to check the condition of the moisture content of the area will be installed and the humidity is much if the floor and cement the should be left 3-4 weeks (in case the thickness of the topping the very page) if the install wood floor with water, leak, or water pipe air leaks or at the edge of the frame the glass that is a terrace or in the area where the water can be absorbed through. should complete the test and edit it.

     Before you install the ground if the customer does not have a check the moisture content of the floor has a simple way to check the best one level is may be a clear plastic and place on the floor, cement and then turn off the edge with the adhesive tape around the left overnight or if the floor and the humidity is very much. He will notice that the plastic will be the same as the cloud of steam to the island of if the event occurs in this manner should leave the floor dry before should not install wood floor to go to because it may cause the wood floor and damage in later so before you install the wood floors, all types should contact the Sales and Service Provider Installed Wood Floor to check the surface condition is first.


To check the installation space of the wooden floor.

1. Check the area of the page must be completed

before you continue the installation the wooden floor will need to check the area of the page to complete normally.

* The window and door Installation Completed Successfully

* ceiling tiles completed successfully.

* The electrical system and air-conditioning completed successfully.

* The bathroom complete tile flooring and install the toilet is

* The color of the wall and the mist was successfully completed 


2. Check the level of the area will complete the installation of the wooden floor.

* The limestone must be the adjustment is completed at least 15 days to prevent the humidity

* on a level surface to be smooth regularly. There is no debris in the limestone on

* to adjust the level of the floor thickness must advise the customer to adjust as

* The thickness of the material that was used to install the such as crab laminate must be

* Use the thickness of the floor laminate (General 8 m (M), plus the

* The thickness of a sheet of the form that the floor (2 mm), as well as 10 mm.


3. Check your shower and the end

* The area to the wooden floor and tiled floors should end with (t-joint).

* The area adjacent to the edge of the glass doors should be aluminum finish with the Scenes (edging)

* The area adjacent to the built-in furniture, end with the Scenes (edging).

* The area in front of the ball flight must end with the nose. The stairs.


 The installation process (procedure

1. Install the floating (floated)

     Floated to install floating to install this system is ideal for wood floor laminated and engineered floor is that we will use the EPE foam the floor below that the properties of the EPE foam is to help the moisture because EPE foam will have a film of moisture in it is not necessary to have a clear plastic floor before and the EPE is the thickness of approximately 2 mm, which has the flexibility we will notice. After installation of the wood floor and time to walk to the wood floor and what will feel soft and comfortable than any other system the drawbacks of this system may be slightly is that if the ground is not simply do not have the level will cause a little this system is easy to dismantle the repair because there is no adhesive on the floor is the place to go to on the EPE foam directly, but will have a shower or the end of the run around the wooden floor to the wall to press the edge of the wood floor on the side walls is not moving or moving the caution for the installation of this system to the laminate is if the area to install the ground with a length greater than 11 m x width of more than 11 meters or there is a sub-divided into several room should have the t-joint divided between the room and half between the area with a very long in order to make a are independent in each section for the wood laminate does not have the structure to grow around the direction. If we divide the wood with t-joint and may be damaged or wood push the easier if the moisture from the outside very much.


2. The installation by using the adhesive (glued) PU

     Glued to install using the adhesive pads PU this type is the adhesive that are imported from foreign countries has the features on the wooden floor. The installation is to use this adhesive painted on the back of the wood floor and adjacent to the floor, cement directly or installed with the area is smooth, level very much. This installation is often used with wooden floor. The solid wooden floor or engineered floor only is not suitable for installation with wood laminate floors floor (artificial wood or synthetic materials is strictly prohibited.) Because of this type is the expansion of the wood when there is the glue to attach may cause a damage to the wood laminate of the world will use the How to install floating only except if used to install a small area such as the topping the table of the stairs to the tightness time to walk, it may use the glue of this type is in some cases the benefits of the installation of this system is to make the wooden floor that secure the time to walk and does not make a sound or the like to install a floating disadvantages, there may be some at the time for the service since the glue of this type is much more is the price of the system installation adhesive this PU will be higher than the other systems.


3. The installation with how to shoot the hook or crook (nailed/stapled)

     Nailed/stapled installed with how to shoot the hook or crook it will look similar to the furniture secondary area below before you install the wood floor is to be a plywood or DVD that the board only because the air guns to shoot the ball hook or crook it will be shot on well with the Material the floor both the use of plywood or DVD that the Secondary Board ground before it to add the tightness of the installation and help to adjust the level of the floor grout lines that may not be completely flat without the need to adjust the level with the cement How is the wood with nails unless a space between the plywood each sheet is a moderate may use the elegant adhesive or coat 100, based at the bottom are a little or use the flush mounted push notifications, if a nail into the difficult it is to install the ground on the plywood or DVD that the board installed the floor. This system is ideal for mounting to the solid wood,engineerd flooring only is not suitable for wood laminate floors. As mentioned above, but may be excluded. Some cases such as the need to remove the wood laminate is made from a wall or a ladder that there is not a lot of time to fire was attached to the wood floor is to shoot at the diagonal with the tongue of wood floors and may use the glue slightly painted on the back of the floor to secure more. But should not apply glue lot too (latex or coat100) installation system this way is to have a strong more than any other system for the repair is not difficult and too easy walking time is that there is a strong but may be very hard feet more than two systems. The above (is not soft as it should be but strong) disadvantages it may be a price in the installation is similar to the setup using the glue PU


Maintenance of the wooden floor.

     Maintenance of wood floors and 3 types of wooden floor. The solid-(solid), wooden floor Engineer (engineered floor), wooden floor laminate (laminate) is made easy with plain method to clean is the sweep the floor with a broom or use the vacuum cleaner after it using a cloth moistened with water, damp cloth until it is almost dry. Wipe the wooden floor, all over the area to be cleaned. If the customer wants to use the cleaning fluid for the wooden floor. It can be done, but need to select a solution that does not have the ingredients of alcohol is mixed caution in cleaning is should not use enough water directly to the wooden floors or use a wet cloth dampened with water very much. Wipe the wooden floor because it may shorten the life of the wood less because moisture can be absorbed through the down to damage the wooden floor and regularly check to see that the moisture in other parts that may be damage to the wooden floor, such as water leaks water rain water leaks air conditioner, etc. This is sufficient for the maintenance of the wooden floor, is with us to long.